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So today was kind of weird for me. One of my former coworkers came into town today and wanted to hang out. I was up for it since I hadn't seen him in a long time and thought it'd be nice to catch up. He caught me off guard when he showed up at my house while I was in my pjs working on my care package for Charlie.

I started getting dressed and told him he could sit in the living room and watch tv with the dogs while I finished getting ready. He declined and followed me downstairs to where my room was. I was already uncomfortable about it, but kind of shrugged it off since we're good friends. [I was wearing a white hoodie, gray tanktop with no bra, and a pair of green shorts that are WAAAY too small for my curvy hips and butt (read: TIGHT AND SHORT)] So I'm going from my bedroom to the bathroom trying to finish putting on clothes and flatironing my hair and he keeps grabbing me. I kept putting distance between us and doing subtle body movements like crossing my arms, leaning back, etc. to sort of get the point across.

Well he eventually kept inching his way closer to my bed. I was in between him and the bed and at first there was a good two feet between me and the bed, but suddenly, I felt the back of my knees hit the bed frame. [Does that make sense?] So I'm really uncomfortable because I know what he's looking for at this point.

He hugs me and tells me that he misses hanging out with me and starts massaging my back and shoulders and kissing the top of my head. I'm practically frozen for a minute before I step back and tell him that I was sorry and felt bad because I felt he came over for something specific when I wasn't going to give it to him. He kept trying saying that he only wanted to please me. I kept saying it wasn't going to happen. BUT HE KEPT GOING. Eventually he backed off and I asked him to leave.

It was horrible. And part of me feels guilty. I don't know if I should tell Charlie. I don't want him to worry that stuff like this always happens. Most of my guy friends AREN'T asses like this guy. I'm so confused. But I don't want to keep anything from him either.


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