I highly recommend it for anyone who is a military gal. Really! Everyone on their is great and so supportive. I know my situation isn't as dire as others and I'm incredibly lucky, but that doesn't mean my feelings aren't legit and real, yk?

I've been trying to meet girls who are living around here with men stationed at Ft Lewis. I've talked to a few and am planning to meet up with one [Dayre] tomorrow at Online. I'm excited. I have said over and over again that I have the most amazing friends ever, but I don't think they'd be able to understand my situation to the fullest. That isn't discounting their greatness though. They put up with a lot of my whining and storytelling. It'll just be awesome to have girlfriends who are missing their bf as much as I am.

Speaking of which, today has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I had my feelbads hurt this morning over myspace and then I got jealous when he went to lunch with one of his female friends. Is that really fair on my part? When he called me afterwards, I kinda vented on how jealous I was bc he didn't text me like he normally does. lol..pathetic. Then I was feeling kind of romantic when he called and told me I was beautiful. I'm just dealing. Reading about what other girls are going through helps.

55 days. I can do it. lol.

I'm still planning on buying a ticket for March. I need to figure out how to save enough money. My having the flu a while back will CERTAINLY reflect on my paycheck this week. I'm hoping I can have enough will power to not spend my tip money this week. I can easily have $100 by Friday if I save it. That would be a good thing. I keep checking the ticket prices daily, hoping they don't sky rocket by Thurs, which is the EARLIEST I can buy it.

I hate being broke.

Well, I'm going to go home. I've got a CRAP ton of things to do in the next few weeks..CARE PACKAGE!! I haven't even finished the first patch for one of his surprises. [I don't want to put it on here in case he looks.] And my neck is killing from sitting at this computer.

Tata for now!

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