As Of Late..again.

I feel like a lot of things have been going on and I haven't really been posting about them. I think I'm just getting lazier, especially with Daylight Savings. Losing an hour sucks! BIG TIME.

We had originally bought a ticket for me to come down on the 26th and then we'd leave SA on the 27th and make it here by the 1st. This was all based on how much leave he had. Well yesterday, he finds out that he actually has two more days of leave than he thought he did and his last day at Ft Hood was on the 24th. So I'm a bit miffed. He'll have two extra days in SA that I could be spending with him and because he didn't check before hand....meh. So he told me to check and see if I could switch the ticket. I called Delta and they could switch it for me, but because I booked through Priceline, it'd cost me over $200!! That's more than the price of the actual ticket in the first place. They recommended I just buy another flight instead. Well I didn't want $170 to go to waste so I called Priceline to see if I could cancel and/or refund the ticket price. They couldn't. BUUUUUUUT. They could take the balance and basically credit it towards another flight that I wanna take within a year. Only downside is that when I book that flight [I'm thinking I'll use it for June's trip to SA for the wedding] they're gonna charge me an extra $150 for the rebooking-issuing thing. Psssh. Whatever. As long as they didn't charge Charlie's credit card right then and there, I knew it'd be okay. So I cancelled that reservation! WOOHOO.

THEN I get home and pass out waiting for Charlie to get home so I could buy the ticket. When he does, I'm dead asleep and a bit irritated that he woke me up but happy because we're buying the ticket. Yeaaa that's when my internet starts freaking out on me and won't let me sign in AT ALL. So I'm even more mad. [Did I mention, I hadn't eaten up until this point either...BITCH ALERT] So I tell him he has to do it on his end. I'm walking him through the process but then when it comes to actually purchasing the flight he can't do it bc of some securecode thing with his card. So he's tired and hungry and frustrated and so am I and he starts bitching about it which pisses me off more because he's like whining instead of actually talking to me and telling me what's going on. I tell him to call me back when he's done whining and hang up. After a few minutes I felt like a jerk so I called him back and he was trying to do it again. Then he told me to get up and go to my work and buy it there. I'm HEATED. It's so freaking cold outside and I had JUST gotten home not too long ago so for me to actually get BACK up and go BACK outside and bus it all the way to work...yeaaaaaa not happening. So I jump on my roommates computer and realize he's not just messing up but that the securecode thing is preventing him from buying the ticket. Then I realized the wi-fi signal is better in the hallway so I grab the computer and try to do it from there. I guess he just decided to use a different credit card. All I know is...roughly an hr later, he bought the ticket and I received confirmation in my email.
So YEAAAAH. I'm leaving for TX on the 24th. And we're not driving back to Washington until the 27th, so I'll have three days with him. We were gonna drive up to Houston to visit his aunt [who is dying to meet me!] but he's thinking he'd rather hang out and rest in SA [and have lots of sex apparently..haha]

The last few days have also been really trying on the relationship. I think I've been sensitive again and starting to feel insecure. A lot of his ex girlfriends are calling him and wanting to hang out. And they all have something to say about me, which pisses me off. One, in particular, a 20 y/o girl who has YET to graduate high school [don't even get me started on that.] has decided that she doesn't like me. I'm pissed because this stupid POS decides to leave a comment on his myspace saying I'm pretty, but then once Charlie reminds her that they are just friends [she keeps trying to call him and hang out with him and he's like, "what do you want?" then she talks mess bc he's always on the phone with me. uh hello..i'm his GF crackhead. *shakes head*] she says she doesn't like me and all that random jazz. So I'm mad. First off, leave my boyfriend alone. He shouldn't have to explain that you two are just friends, chick. Secondly, who the HELL are you to say you don't like me? You don't even KNOW me. You're just MAD. So of course, in my argumentative state, I write her a short myspace message telling her to back up because it'd be a shame for her to get her ass kicked while I'm in San Antonio. Pssh. Of course, this idiot decides to write back in her retarded-i'm-a-frackin-idiot-and-can't-spell-think-i'm-a-ghetto-chick-type-speak that took me ten minutes to decipher what he hellz she was saying. Blegh. Stupid people make my blood boil. Her and I have a few msg exchanges that end in me just telling her to watch herself and that she only hates me because she isn't me. Whatever. Then there's random married women who [supposedly before we started dating] told him that if they weren't married they'd sleep with him. In all honesty, I think this exchange took place this past week because he brings it up randomly in the conversation, prefacing it with, "What should I do?" That stuff doesn't happen unless it recently happened...I'm sorry. It's just a bunch of things. I've been feeling super fragile and everytime I mention how I don't trust something he gets mad at me and goes off on how I'm insecure and why am I like that and blah blah blah. Kinda hurts my feelings. But in the end, he's right- I have no reason to not trust him. He's been really good to me and really honest from the beginning so I'm really just worrying over nothing. My downfall is that I've always been cheated on so I keep comparing him to my exes..that TICKS HIM OFF BIGTIME. He absolutely can't STAND that.
Not gonna lie, one major reason I'm trusting him is because I went through his email, myspace, facebook, and even his plentyoffish [where we met] and didn't find a thing. Not a one. So yes..I trust him fully..again. lol. I don't look anymore, I just needed confirmation. Yes, that makes me a bad person. I just want to know, yk?!

Hmm...what else is new?

OMGAH- today we got into a big fight [that lasted all of 30 minutes...it's a record!]. Him and I were talking while I was doing my makeup and somehow he mentioned being angry about paperwork taking forever. So I casually asked, more in a joking way, "what if they deny your leave?" Then he FLIPS on me. He's like, "Don't say that. SERIOUSLY! You have NO idea how the army works. I have a POS 1st Sgt..blah blah blah.." I'm like, "WOAH." So I told him I was gonna get off the phone. He's like, "yea. okay. bye." a TOTAL jerk. I texted him saying that he really hurt my feelings. He tries calling back and I ignore it and texted that I didn't want to speak with him right now. Then he starts calling me over and over and I'm ignoring it over and over. Finally, I answer the phone as I'm leaving my house and he's like, "Why do you do that? You're hurting me." I'm like, "Yea Charlie. You say mean and hurtful things and I'm supposed to be worried about YOUR feelings when I don't want to talk to you." This went on for like five minutes as I was power walking [I was mad!] down the street to the busstop. I mean, YES-I DON'T know how the army works. I never joined. In fact, I had planned on never learning about it but then Charlie dropped into my life ruining all of that [I'm not complaining. :)] I wasn't saying it to be mean or bring bad vibes in the universe..I honestly didn't think that that was a possibility. He said that to me the other day too when he was yelling at me over my insecurity. It just hurts bc I'm trying to be supportive and I guess I say things that make him worry and put him in a bad mood. Blegh. But the fight was over by the time I got to the busstop. He mentioned I couldn't stay mad at him for long and he's right. He has this way of pulling at my heart strings when I wanna sock him in the jaw. :[

But I love that crazy fool. Not gonna lie.

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