Awesome Weekend!

As I'm typing, we're on our way out to Ft Lewis so I can get my dependent ID. I've heard some horrible things about DEERS.I hope I don't see any of those dang civilians mistreating my husband like he says they do. I might just choke a b*tch. lol.

We had a fabulous weekend!! He drove back up on Friday afternoon and met me at my job. Oh man when he walked into my coffee shop in his ACU's, I nearly collapsed. [sexeh]. I had a $20 gift certificate for the restaurant next door so we went and had a seafood feast. That was also the night we got into a horrible fight over the darn kiss. It seemed like nothing we did could prevent an argument. We didn't go to bed angry though, that was really important for us.

Saturday we woke up around 9:30 and stayed in bed until around 1. We were sooo lazy. It was great. Friday night I had a long talk with my dad's girlfriend and I told her there was a chance I could be preggers and she asked if we were trying to have a baby. I told her honestly how I felt about it and she was super supportive and gave me that extra boost that I needed. I know that my family is making my life hard for me and that people have their opinions on our relationship, but having ONE person in my corner regarding marriage/babies helps. I also had an "aha-realization" moment. I am an adult. lol you'd think I'd know this, right? Sadly, my family has a great way of making me feel like I'm thirteen and I know nothing about the world and I depend on them for everything. I need to remind myself that I CAN by beer and cigarettes..lol. I also pay my own bills and make my own money. I haven't asked for financial help in AGES and I've moved several times without them helping me out. Blegh. That being said, I'm an adult and if I want to have a child, it's more than okay. And since I'm being proactive about it and planning ahead and budgeting and working out the financial, emotional, mental, and psychological aspects...that makes me MORE of an adult than most [including them!]

*sigh* Sorry for the story book...buuuuut- Charlie and I are trying for a lil'. I know some of you think I should enjoy being married for awhile before, but it's what we both want. Again, this goes against everything I've always believed as a kid. I wanted to wait at least a year before behbehs and scoffed at those who didn't. But our idea of marriage is to grow and change as individuals and as a family. And we're in a great position to have them so why not?

So back to saturday...we went to Barnes and Noble and bought a few baby books and read those with each other. He got a book specifically for him and I got one for me and then one for both of us. They've been very helpful. We also got prenatal vitamins [which they recommend], ovulation kits and BBT [for charting temps]. I've been chatting up one of my good friends who is pregger with her second child. She gave us some good advice and has sent us to some great sites for more info on natural conception and birthing and stuff. We're excited.

Last night I took an ovulation test and it REALLY felt like a pregnancy test. Only difference is that it doesn't say yes or no baby, but gives you the go ahead, yk? lol. It came out negative meaning there'd be no reason for us to have sex [other than just having a good time! LOL!!!] which was super depressing. Charlie actually got a bit miffed and was mad at me for taking the Plan B pill last week. I felt horrible. I know it's not the end of the world, but I think we're both hoping for me to be at least 4wks by Mother's Day. Yeaaaa. I felt like a dirtbag.

Yesterday we went to church. [The same one my ex goes to] And I intro'd him to everyone. Some people pretended to not hear what I said, but all were nice to him. A lot of the people were impressed when they announced he was a soldier at Ft Lewis. *swoon* Then we went to the store and bought a TON of seafood [they were having a sale] and we NOMed a night. lol.

Well...*whew* Mad props to you if you read all of this. We're pulling onto base in a few minutes. I'm nervous. I haven't been on a base since I was like 10 yrs old. Eeek. Psst- my husband is super cute when he rocks out to his music driving down the freeway!!!

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