La Casa De Cheesy!!

Woo. Alright so the apartment!!

I managed to get Wed-Sun off from work which is an AWESOME blessing because we're able to get all situated before I have to take off and work. It's the first time I'm actually able to enjoy living in a new place before I have to go back to the hustle of espresso drinks.

We got a UHaul and starting packing up the old place. For the first few hours my roommates weren't there so it was pretty awesome. Then they got there. I knew they were trying to get me alone, so anytime Charlie walked out, I did too. But a few times I was alone and one of them came in and asked me how I was going to pay for May. I was like, "GET OUTTA MY FACE!" I didn't say that, but that's what I wanted to say. Hours later, we were picking up my couch and a few new mattresses from my ex boyfriend's parents. [Who seem to think of me as their daughter and feel like it's their job to tell me that I shouldn't be moving in with Charlie as he only wants sex.] Then we drove to the new place!!!

My besties were in Seattle and were getting together for one last hurrah before they graduate [like I SHOULD be. sniff] and all of us move on. So we unloaded the couch and the mattresses before jetting BACK to seattle to get our Burgerama on!! woo. We didn't get home until after 1am and we proceeded to pass the eff out!!

We woke up the next morning and started unpacking. And did the same today. We went shopping at the PX and the commissary and Walmart. I'm loving watching this apartment turn into the home of the cheesiest couple this side of the mississippi!! lol. really. we are. Our apartment is freaking AWESOME! There's a door right off the dining room that opens to a park/play area. It's perfect for Princess. And since we don't have a dining room table yet, we ate dinner out there today. lol

I can't wait to start having people over. It's hard now since we don't have a dresser, bookcase, and dining room table. We're also working on decorating. OHHHH MY FAVE PART! I'm just a natural homemaker and it's a lot of fun!

Woo. Now Charlie is hungry again so I have to fix something to eat. Otherwise, he'll only eat a PB&J sandwich or a hotdog. lol..boyz...

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