A Little Backstory...

So when we stopped in Spokane during our roadtrip, Charlie and I were so frustrated with my family trying to run my life and dictate what was best for me so we figured we'd let them know how serious we were. He asked my entire family for their blessing to marry me. Which they gave...Then I showed them the ring and announced we were officially engaged. They were supportive as long as I waited until I was done with school like he had said we would do. [Just to please them....]

So my sister, being my maid of honor, and I started planning. A good wedding takes a long time to plan. And since we'd set a date for June 2010, that gave us 14 months to plan a wedding with the guests scattered across the country. :/ At first, they were surprised that I was planning already, but they got over that when they heard the date I wanted. Then it was drama!They have a family reunion next July and my cousin is getting married that week. Mine would be a week before in a different city so they "wouldn't have any money" to fly out and get a hotel. They also wanted it in Spokane to accomodate them. Well 90% of the guests are everywhere else in the country so I said if they all had to fly so did my family in Spokane.

Long story shortened up a bit- I get cussed out by my aunt and my mom and told that they didn't want to hear from me ever again. My mom offically cut me off. Oh yeah, my grandma had a stroke last night and no one bothered to call and tell me bc they all hate me now.OVER A F*CKING WEDDING?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! So basically, I'm saying F*CK IT. We don't WANT a wedding OR a reception. We don't care. We could set up a registry if anyone wants to give us gifts, but we can manage. Not only that, our main focus now is preparing for a baby and setting up a life together. We wanna save for that. We could care less. We were gonna have a wedding to satisfy our families wants and wishes, but with the way mine is acting [keep in mind, his family has been SUPER supportive and VERY great to us] we don't care anymore.

We're gonna wait until after June when his sister gets married to tell everyone that we're already married. We don't wanna upset his family and I don't give a f*ck about my family anymore.

Blegh. This is irritating.

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