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Happy Tuesday! Work was pretty hectic. Buuuuut my future baby-daddy came to visit me. lol He ended up staying out in Seattle with me again instead of driving back to Ft Lewis. He doesn't really have a place to stay except with 5 other guys and I don't want him sleeping in his car. He's gonna talk to someone about staying in the barracks until he gets his BAH. But we're also looking at apartments now. Which brings me to my next dilemma! 

How do I break the news to my roomies?! I feel sooo horrible for leaving them. We don't have a place yet, but I'm definitely moving in with him since we're TTC and also to save money. I figure once we have a place, I'll give them a months notice and then also pay another month just to help them out. I could try to find a roomie for them, but I know they wanna make sure they gel with the new person. Argh. I just feel really bad. I know paying an extra month will put me back with saving, but I just feel bad. lol.

Update on behbeh: The ovulation test came up negative last night. Well, at least I THINK it did. lol. I did it at work and forgot about it in the back. It's digital so after 15 minutes, it shuts off. I went back and it was blank so I pulled the test stick out and it had one dark blue line and one light blue line. The first negative test looked that way so I figure.... :] [[[TMI ALERT!!!!]]] I observed my cervical fluid last night before bed and it was egg-white consistency which is prime for fertility. So I'm all kinds of confused right now. lol. We did the deed anyway. But I'm just hoping to already be pregnant already. wooooo!

I have to say I've been a total prat since I realized I can't have certain things. I wanted coffee so bad yesterday and since I can't rely on that to wake me up, I have to sleep more. When Charlie called and asked me to get an emergency copy of our marriage license for DEERS, I pretty much flipped on him and then he was like, "I have little sympathy for you. Your job is much easier than mine and I haven't been complaining because I know you hate it." Then I started crying and I apologized for being such a baby over my lack of caffeine. lol.

That's what's goin on in my realm. 

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