Alone Time is Reflection Time

After I posted, I went to the bathroom with a book and just read and had my alone time. When I came out, he was studying so I went behind him and started giving him a massage. We ended up talking about it and I got off my high-horse and let go of my hurt feelings. I realized I actually WAS being a brat and an "impulse-buyer" as he had said. It was a classic case of him holding a mirror to my face and calling me out for what I was. Blegh. The truth is sometimes harder to hear than I thought it'd be.

And now that we're over that little hurdle...he wants to go get a fish next week. lol. Aaaaaaaaand, him and I are playng keep-a-way with our dog. We are on opposite ends of the room and calling her to us to see where she goes. Currently, I'm 1-2. Poop. I must bribe her with food.

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