Today was MUCH better. [except for the few minutes he was PISSED at me when he saw an update about my coffee crush! eeek yeaaa that wasn't fun at ALL....]

Work was ridiculously long until I started focusing on my drink making and speed and chatting up customers rather than focusing on the time. lol. I got my hair cut today! YAAAAH! It took the lady for-freaking-ever to actually freaking finish my hair....buuuut I love it. It's a lot shorter than it was before so I'm loving it.

And NOOOOOW. I'm cooking dinner for the boys so they can enjoy the fight. I don't understand it, but I'm the reason why they have to watch it here since my hair appt took forever. I'm baking some chicken, adding brown rice and broccoli and they're drinking some beer. Good times. I've already had two and am FEEEEELING IT.

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