The Way To A Woman's Heart...kinda.

Ahh. It feels good to have two satisfied men sitting on the couch sipping beer yelling at the tv, a clean kitchen and dining room, a gurgling dishwasher, a full belly yourself, a happy puppy and a clean house that smells faintly like apple pie candles and the aroma from tonight's dinner.

Dinner was a hit! I've never baked chicken drumsticks before, so I called my uncle and step-dad for some advice. I combined the two, threw in a few tricks and seasonings of my own and voila!!! DELISHISH NOM BOM. I had too many beers early and was feeling it a bit too much so I ate a whole HEAPING of brown rice. Now I feel a lot better.

All I want is to take a warm shower and crawl into bed next to Charlie, but I'm pretty sure he'll be up for awhile with his friend. Hmm. I have to work tomorrow morning. I'm hoping it goes by a little quicker than it did today. Either way, I'm determined to NOT spend most of the day inside. Today we DID manage to go to the lake and relax in the sun, but I want to maximize this weather while we have it and maximize Charlie's time off from work.

Hopefully...good night. I AM tired.

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