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It's soo hard to find time to post ANYWHERE! Geez. I have so much going on during the day, I can't find the time to just sit still and recap the day or the past few days events. And if I can, Charlie is usually hovering near [not that I'm complaining - I just like to blog in private yk?] or I can't calm my brain or I can't pull away from the damn Sorority Life on Myspace. lol. I want everyone to join, but it's just as addicting as World of Warcraft or something. lol. You'll lose precious hours playing that game. But it's TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Rabbit hole: I'm at work and this guy comes up and pulls out a camo wallet so I ask if he's in the military. He IS. He just came back from Iraq and A-Stan. I told him thank you and told him about Charlie. He asked if he comes home everynight. I said yes, for now. He told me to appreciate that. I am. But the thought of a deployment has me sooo scared.

NNNNNNEEEEE WAAAAAYZ. Lately? What's been going on? Well I researched, applied, and got accepted to PIMA Medical Institute for their Medical Assistant Program. The program is roughly 8 1/2 weeks long. Afterwards, I'll be a certified Medical Assistant and I can work practically ANYWHERE you'd go to see a doctor!! Pretty freaking amazing. I'm soo excited about it. Why you ask? For several reasons:
1) Charlie is in the medical field. Having him there will make studying easier, we'll have MORE to talk about than just the military, and whenever he gets out...CHA-CHING!! The med field isn't going ANYWHERE and we're pretty much set to be comfortable with our degrees and experiences.
2) My parents were in the med field, so that just feels pretty good.
3) I'll be able to work and finish my BM at Cornish College of the Arts and not fret about money.

After ACE-ing the admissions tests they gave me, I called my mom and dad to share the good news. Just HOPING they'd be proud of me for being so pro-active and thinking ahead and just being plain ole' smart. But NO! My dad argued with me saying that I'm ABOVE technical school and I'd be taking a step backwards. My mom gave me her opinion [not to do it bc I'd be too overwhelmed - valid point] but then proceeded to not listen to MY side of the story since I actually KNOW both course loads [moreso Cornish than PIMA]. THEN she proceeded to turn the convo back to the whole wedding issue.. Yeaaaaa. Oh yea, my dad ended up hanging up on me and telling me I was just trying to pick a fight and I hung up on my mom, but not before telling her I was pregnant. [So what if it's not true. I needed shock value]. Then she called me back while I was crying on the phone to Charlie and she wanted to listen and when I told her my Plan for the next year, she ACTUALLY applauded me for my choices. WEIRRRD. But then she argued with me about my music and how I'm not sending my perfectly crafted originals out to other artists....have you heard of copyright infringement?!?! I just wish I could win at least ONE thing with them. You know? I wish my family would just RESPECT AND SUPPORT my decisions rather than tell me how stupid and spontaneous they are and how I'm going to fail by choosing them. I've NEVER felt supported. It's always been me PROVING to them that I can make decisions. The ONLY time they show support is once I've proven myself. For example: they hated the idea of me going to Cornish for Vocal Performance. But THREE YEARS LATER..After my junior recital when they saw me perform [for the first time EVER. they never came to anything of mine growing up!]...they told me that I had talent. *grrr*

Anyway. I can't dwell on that...

Charlie and I have been doing really well in the relationship department. I'm soo glad. For awhile there, I was feeling pretty hopeless. But after we sat down and took a good, hard, LONG, honest look at our relationship and ourselves and what it would take for us to be successful...it's starting to work again. I think we both got so used to doing things our own way from the past and even in the beginning of our relationship with the distance...so living together has been a challenge for us both on the sacrificing front. Things are WORLD'S better. He's being a better husband. I'm being a less uptight wife. It's working well.

After we go to Texas in June, he wants to get a mini dachsund. I'm all for it. But Princess is regressing in her potty habits. We have to take some of the blame for that though because sometimes we just don't let her outside. I also think she's just trying to show off sometimes. Case in point: Last night, Charlie and I were in the bed and she didn't want to go to sleep so she jumped off the bed and pooped on his boxers that had fallen out of the basket on the floor. She also has hemorroids [sp?] so she yelps whenever she poops. Not sure what to do about that right now...But on the other doggie front- we ARE considering it.

Well I need to go. I'm already 12 minutes behind my closing schedule due to blogging and Sorority Life.. More en la manana.

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