Oh What A Beautiful Morning....

It's SUCH a beautiful day outside! I'm glad to have the day off.

I woke up around 10:30 [perrrfect!] and started getting to work on this house. I can't believe that I can clean it one day and then the next day it's a mess! You'd think a tornado went through here. We don't even have kids yet and it seems like I do nothing but clean. lol But I digress, I started some laundry. Funny story- I have TONS of towel but for some odd reason, Charlie and I have been using the same towel for about two weeks now. Grrrrosssss. So I decided to stop washing our clothes for one cycle and get the towels done.

I made lunch around 12 since I knew Charlie would be coming home for lunch. But ALAS, he ate at work since they had free food. So I have chicken, rice, and spinach that was just sitting on the stove for NO REASON. I finally caved and ate some, since I was trying to wait for him. But he came home for a little bit and we watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians for awhile amidst my coupon clipping and making grocery lists. We have like NOTHING in the cabinets food-wise, so making breakfast, lunch, dinnner, and snacks has become a challenge of sorts. Thank GAWD we're going today when he gets off work. [Which btw: he said he'd be off an hour ago and would be home by 3:30..it's now almost 4 and no sign of the hub-ster.hmmmm]

I got a call from my bestie Laura-Jean, which was nice to catch up on each other's lives. Even though it's been like a week and half and she's only an hour away in Port Townsend, it feels like we haven't seen or heard from each other in FOREVER. I hate long distance friendships. Especially when I need someone to sound off on that ISN'T charlie. For example, when I wanna gush about my coffee crush. He wouldn't like that too much.

I just came back from my apartment manager's office. I love that girl! She's freakin awesome! Everytime we meet up, it's never just a few minutes of chatting, it's at LEAST an hour and a half [though I managed to skirt off after 45 minutes bc someone came to look at an apt.] I LOVE her like WOAH. She's 27, has a kid, and is a former military gal so she knows what life is like yk?! Anyway, I caught her up on the babydrama and the guy that was in the office too [apparently, he was bored today too.] gave me his $.02 on why we shouldn't have a baby right now. Then Alisa stepped in and was like, "I can appreciate what you're saying but Charlie and Kiranda are a different kind of couple. I don't know them very well, but I can personally vouch for their character and their relationship. It's different and unique and they're definitely in it for the long haul." I was soooo happy to hear her stick up for our relationship. I mean, I know these things, but to hear someone else say that we're one of the couples that will celebrate 50+ years together...it makes my heart skip a beat.

Yeaaaaaa. Well, Still no hubby. I have to straighten my hair and finish this darn shopping list. Princess and Stella are running around the back yard together. It's sooo beautiful outside but I have so much to do inside..hopefully I can stop getting sidetracked with the beautiful sun.

Happy Thursday Y'all!!

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