Today started off on a rough note. We went to Pain In The Grass yesterday to see some of metal bands play. I really had a great time, but there was so much smoke and combining that with the cold and nasty food I consumed- I woke up feeling pretty crappy. I was so determined to not let the devil win this battle and defeat me, so I got up and jumped in the shower and started getting ready for church. At some point, Charlie was in the bathroom brushing his teeth and I came in drinking some cranberry juice and eating a granola bar. I was singing some song [I don't remember] and bumped him with my hip and he said something about not doing that to him. Of course, I can't just let anything go so I asked why he was being such a butthead. Ugh. Again, I recognized that the devil was working through him to try to bring me down and with my not wanting to let my spirit die, I moved on and tried to salvage the morning. I started planning on what we would do once we left church [I wanted to have a picnic at the park with Princess] and kept getting dressed. My hair wasn't doing what I wanted it to do [he was working hard this morning huh?!] but I brushed it off and finished. Just as I was grabbing my Bible and my cell phone, Charlie came across a picture of Reshard and I that I thought I'd made private on my facebook but realized I hadn't when a friend of mine had commented on it a few days ago. [*insert match to the ticking time bomb!*] He starts an argument and decides he's not going to church but opting for a haircut and leaves the house. I felt so defeated at that I stayed on the couch until he came back.

Several hours later.....

We're lying on the couch. He's fast asleep. [Lazy butt] After many looks and laughs and words it is better. Getting through the problem is not always the tough part since I know it's usually about something deeper. Blegh....lol

Now I'm listening to "Capri" by Colbie Caillat. I absolutely love this song. I have since I bought her debut album last summer. I heard it and of course being a sucker for a great ballad quickly learned the lyrics and sang it OFTEN! Usually as a warm up since it does hit a lot of "tricky" spots in my range and the falsetto parts really help with switching and getting used to going into my head voice. And DUH!-in true Kirandafashion, to work on harmonizing. I also figured I'd sing it to my baby pretty often once I became pregnant so it's no wonder it hits a bit closer to home these days.

I'm officially 3 1/2 months today. Pretty awesome. I definitely see a change in my body. I was looking at pictures on Charlie's phone that I'd taken back at the beginning of the year and there is a HUGE difference. I'll have to put a before and after pictorial up. We're going back home this upcoming weekend. My family was going to have a wedding, but now with the pregnancy our focus has shifted to just a simple bbq celebration of us being married. I'm happy. Kinda miss my mommy and grandmama.

And now I'm hungry. late...

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