my ute' is going to work...

woke up this morning and felt as if my stomach was "heavier". it was super weird. not only heavy, but it was kinda sorta painful. i'm used to feeling as if i'd been hit by a truck [been dealing with that for a few months now!], but this was super intense. after pacing around the house trying to get ready [but really just being distracted and scatterbrained], i got used to the sensation and went about my day.

fast forward to after work, my mom and dad bought us a crib so we went about setting that up in austin's room. after awhile, i started having contrax. i reckon that's because i was moving around and bending over and just being plain ole stubborn. after awhile, the contrax started building in intensity. the sensations felt less "uncomfortable" and more cramp-like. it felt like period cramps that would kinda wash over me in waves. they were pretty consistent, but after a bath- they've pretty much gone away.

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