It seems like since I've started on this journey to be a runner/to get physically fit, I've been battling with myself to actually get up and do it. I already touched on the wonderful aspects of being able to workout anytime thanks to INSANITY. I worked out during the wee hours of the morning so, in theory, I should be feeling pretty awesome and good for the day, right?

WRONG! I actually WANT to work out right now. I want to go into the living room and throw in tomorrow's INSANITY vid and get to work. Is that normal? I asked Charlie if the gym on Fort Sam is closed and it is so sadly we can't make a quick getaway while Austin sleeps. It'd be nice to do some weight lifting. The track is open and we could go there. It's a half-mile track, so every lap is half of a mile. I wonder if I could tackle it and make it around twice without keeling over....hmm.

Just putting my thoughts out on the blog.... late'

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