Getting In Touch With My Crafty Side

Today I'm going to tap into my creative side! Even if it kills me! lol I always try to be creative and have all these grand ideas, but I lack on follow through! But TODAY, my friends *holds finger up high*...I WILL follow through!

I've got my first shipment of Scentsy orders in and I need to package them up before shipping them out. True, I could just put them in a box and say, "hey. there ya go!" But I want them to look special so that they'll want to order more. Great tactic, right?

BTW: If you're interested in ordering any Scentsy from me, no matter where you are in the world, you can do so by going HERE. I think you should. You know you want to. Scentsy rocks and it's now my livelihood so....go buy some. At least try a plug in! :D

After this post, I'm going to shower and eat breakfast. Once the babe wakes up from his first nap, we're heading out to Michaels and Dollar Tree [hopefully just DT...what can I say..I'm cheap] to buy supplies to make this:

what do you think?

Most people ordered room sprays so it would fit perfectly in this gift bag. But for those that bought warmers, I'm thinking I'll wrap the scents in here [they get 3 different bars] and maybe decorate the warmer box with wrapping paper! In all of them I'll put one of my business cards, a thank you card, and their receipt. Hopefully, they'll come back to order more. Would you?

Any helpful suggestions? 

Well, I'm OFF! I'll post pics later of my crafty-ness. ♥

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