30 Days of Truth:{ DAY TWENTYONE}

30 Days of Truth
{Day Twenty One}
(scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before.
What do you do?

Gosh! This is EXACTLY why I try to always leave things on good terms with people when I'm in a heated argument or discussion of some sorts. My family told me tons of horror stories of how they got into an argument and then that person died. For example: one of my uncles and my grandpa.  But anyway...
If this did happen [and it could've on several occasions], I'd feel like a jerk off. I really don't know what I'd do, other than pray and talk to God, and hope that the person knew that if I'd said anything mean or harsh that above all of that I love them.

So let this be a lesson people. Always have love in your heart and speak loving words to those you care about. Even when you want to jack slap 'em. lol


  1. Yep I agree I mean argument or not that person is still you BFF, I would have to go to them..

  2. I agree! My parents and I were seperated during 9/11 (they worked across the street from the two towers) and I couldn't talk to them for most of the day. Didn't know what had happened to them. Thank God they are still both alive but ever since then, whenever I leave someone - no matter what has happened, I tell them that I love them. You never wanna leave someone on bad terms cause you never know


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