I promise, I haven't disappeared.

Hey y'all! *waves*

I'm not gone. I've just been running around doing so much lately, I hardly have the time to blog. But I'll keep you up to date with what's going on. Also, if you just NEED your dose of mommyhood..head on over and follow me on Twitter.  That's a great place to see the day-to-day of yours truly. And we ALLLLLL know you miss me when I'm gone. Right? You do miss me, don'tcha? lol

My friend's husband came home. He was gone for a year over in Iraq. I took pictures.
We went shopping for Austin today. He has practically no more clothes. My little chubbah.
I start school on Tuesday and am less than enthused about it. Crazy long days away from my baby. No thanks!

And here's a great fact: Just minutes before this post, I had to go #2 but A wouldn't let me put him down. So he came with. Talk about juggling. My kid is the coolest.

When I come back I'm going to post about the new award I received!! [yay!] and the green product I've been reviewing. Oh and I've gotta finish being honest for 30 days. lol

Now onto editing these pictures and making a tear-jerking movie to present to my bestie/battle buddy!


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