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Hey y'all....

It's been a few days since my last post, but not much as gone on around here. I've been reading and keeping up on everyone's blogs, but I just don't have the energy to post my own some days. Just typing this one is sapping all of my energy. So, I'll stick to bullets to update y'all on the haps as of late.

  • Austin turned 8 months old so I need to do an eight-month post.
  • I ended up having to rest in silence all of Thursday, due to not getting enough sleep/nutrition lately.
  • I've dropped to working one day per week at the shop, but am considering just quitting altogether
  • Oh yea, this is because I got in trouble for pumping "for too long". lol funny story.
  • Remember that friend of mine, well we're BFFs again. yay
  • Several times this weekend, I've imagined my new baby as a leech. Because that's how I feel. :( 
  • My house is a wreck! OMG. It's breaking my heart to have such a messy house.
  • I figured out the secret to getting salon style hair at home. YES!
  • OH-NO-HE-DIDN'T- my husband totally came out of his face with this statement: "You're the mom, you should be responsible for putting Austin to sleep. I shouldn't have to do it" [Can someone virtually b-slap him for me, please?]

That's pretty much it, y'all. I miss youz.

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  1. Oh no he didn't! My husband tried that trick ONCE...he never did it again...lol! Hope you feel better soon...my house is more than just a wreck! Hahaha...i blame it on the depression...take care!


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