You Never Let Go

Today I left worship choir rehearsal and this song was one on the cd of music the pastor had given us. I've sung it before with LC3 and every time it has the same impact on me. I can't drive listening to this song because I will totally crash. Within seconds of singing these lyrics, I'm so overwhelmed by the love my God has for me. I'm so overwhelmed by his constant "obsession" if you will.

I don't deserve this love, this devotion. I don't deserve one bit of it. Nothing I have ever done is worthy of that kind of love. But He has NEVER let me go. Even when I denied His pleas and His wants and wishes for my life, He has never let me go. He carried me through every single rough moment I've experienced. When I couldn't do it on my own, He wrapped His loving arms around me and shielded me. Even when I didn't call for His help, He was there.

My God is so amazing.

I don't know most of you readers personally at all. But you come here and you allow me to share things with you and let you into my life. How could I not share the most treasured thing of all? If you're reading my this post, I want you to know that He hasn't let go of you. He wants your love, He wants all of you. Right now- think of the one thing/person/place that you love with every fiber of your being. Multiply that times a million. Multiply THAT number times a million and add infinity on to that. THAT, friends, is how much God loves you. If you don't know, I hope that can begin to help you understand it.

Tonight while this song blared in my car, I pulled over and worshipped my Almighty Savior. I cried. I lifted my hands. I sang. I danced. I was completely and totally raw and open to God. I felt His presence in the car with me. I knew I wasn't alone. Just like all of those times I've felt alone...I wasn't.

i will fear no evil, for my God is with me. and if my God is with me, whom then shall i fear? oh no, you never let go! through the calm and through the storm...every high and every low...no you never let go of me...and i can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on, and there will be an end to these troubles but until that day comes - still i will praise you!!!


  1. I really needed that. Thanks. Take care and keep blogging!

  2. I really needed that. Thanks. Take care and keep blogging!


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