Pregnant Comparisons

During my first pregnancy with Austin and whenever I thought about having another little, I often wondered if the second pregnancy would feel similar or different to the first. All of us ma's have heard the "rules" of subsequent pregnancies: uterus memory recall [as AllisonO so awesomely puts it], feeling the sweet babe move a lot sooner, possibly more energy [or maybe just because you can't lie around all day with another kid running around], etc etc.

Here's what I've found in my less-than-two-weeks of being a mother of two:

  • Uterus Memory  Recall is a real condition, folks. 
    • HONEST-TO-GOODNESS. From the moment I saw PREGNANT flashing back at me in the first stall of the downstairs bathroom at Kerry Hall, I started showing. It's like instantaneous. True, I've still carrying a few extra pounds from the number one behbeh [and my horrible addiction to fizzy beverages and all things fatty and delishus], but the weight from that is mostly in my lower body-thigh-butt region. Actually, one thing that prompted me to take a test was that a week or so before, I had a flat-ish stomach. It wasn't solid, but it was flat. And the morning I took the test, I had a distinctive roll over my jeans. Even after eating relatively healthy lately. UMR, folks.  Beware.
  • Sometimes I just forget that I'm pregnant.
    • While I'm completely aware that there is a little inside me, I just don't think about him/her much. [Unless I'm thinking pink! I want a girl!] Charlie told me to "take care of his baby" today. I was like, "huh? Austin's at the sitter". He said, "the baby in your belly girl!". DUH!
  • Going back to UMR: maybe I'm having twins because honesty...I shouldn't be showing this early, right?
  • The first time around, my body was sidelined by all of the new changes.
    • It had no idea what had happened to it. This time, I'm a little more prepared. So when I feel even the teeniest bit sick, I grab the nearest thing to nom on. And so far, so good. 
  • But Why Am I So Tired?
    • Really? Can't they do something about this?
  • Breastfeeding and Pregnant
    • I wasn't sure how my boobs would feel whenever I got pregnant again. I always assumed I'd still be nursing so I wouldn't even know. Oh but friend....remember the sore boob pain? Yea...it's all in the nipples now! Nursing and pumping pretty much SUCK. And I can't wean A....because he's a booby monster and he'll hate me for it.

And can I just say....H&M's maternity skinny jeans are awesome, sorta. They look fantastic and make me feel way more hip and stylish than I did when pregnant with A. But they just keep falling down. It's not that they're too small and can't go over my awesomely big butt....I just think my belly isn't big enough to hold them up. But I can't wear non-maternity jeans either.

Oh and we're back to this again. *le sigh*


  1. I agree breastfeeding while pregnant sucks. I'm already working on weaning Moo off because I do not see myself baring that discomfort for seven more months.


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