i'm blogging to keep from screaming...

I'm a pretty sensitive girl. Not emotionally [although that is also true], but my senses are really sensitive. Like I have bionic hearing and sense of smell. It's crazy. And just the lightest touch can feel good or painful. [sidenote: I'm noticing that I'm pretty extreme overall] Pregnancy is only making this sensitivity worse.

My husband is eating some of the delishus [yes...delishus] pizza we just ordered tonight from Dominos. It really is good. And I can hear EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. AND CHEW. HE'S. MAKING.


If there's one thing I hate...it's when I can hear you chewing. Oh, and when people breathe through their mouths. I guess that's not one thing. But I digress....

WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?! I HATEHATEHATE when I can hear people chewing. OMG. It drives me bonkers. I'm actually going to go to my bedroom and go to bed after posting this because I can hear it no matter where I go. The way our house is set up the kitchen, living room and dining room are all in close proximity. The bedrooms and bathrooms are down a hall. In order to escape the loud chewing and swallowing and saliva sounds, I have to go down the hall.



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  1. lol...you sound like me. One of my ears doesn't work that well but I swear my right one is bionic. There are several sounds that just really get under my skin.


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