My Awesome Kid and I.

Today, I spent the entire day with my sweet sweet babe. And no, I didn't skip school!! lol. Due to unfortunate illnesses with my babysitters' two littles, I decided to bring chubbah with me and my absolutely awesome friend, Lauren [aka Laura-Jean, Auntie Lauren] came and played with the bubs during classes. AND..my other great friend, Maggie [aka Maggles, MaggieMay, Auntie Maggie] came and we all had lunch together at Deluxe.

Seriously. If you live in Seattle or any area near here...you HAVE to go to Deluxe. I might be biased because it's our "college hangout", but it's fabulous anyway. So go.

It was fun knowing that as soon as I left the classroom, I'd get to see my smiley bubbah. And considering he didn't really get a good nap in at ALL today...he was a pretty happy baby. He was quiet most of the day and then at the work meeting we had at my job, he decided that he wanted to talk. LOUDLY. Especially when the owner of the company was talking to us. Thanks, Chub. :)

I love my baby. He's awesome. Really. He is.

Oh yea....and he's 8 months old today. Wowee....

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