i'm sorry....

for the lack of posting.

i feel like i'm running on fumes these days. i did get a lot of sleep over the weekend, but everything i planned on doing didn't get done. this includes homework, housework, laundry...etc. i pretty much soaked up as much time with my baby as possible.

i wish i could just get out of this funk. seriously...feeling this way is enough to make me never want to experience the first trimester ever again. i wish i didn't feel so exhausted during the first three months of carrying babies. i did with austin and i can feel it this time too. and when i say exhausted, i really mean exhausted.

sorry for whining.

i'm just tired. it's taking me forever just to write this post.

ugh. i'm leaving now.

feel free to call the wambulance. and i'll try and post something more often. just please don't leave me. lol

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