okay, so seriously...

I'm watching The View and they're commenting on parents and children kissing on the lips.

They're also commenting on parents bathing with their children.

Regarding the first.
Austin and I kiss. 
Austin and Charlie kiss. 
Sometimes Austin gives tongue. In no way is it hot. lol
It's really slobbery, actually. 
[is slobbery a word?]
For as long as he'll let me, I will kiss my kid. If you think it's inappropriate, get outta here! 

Regarding the second.
I bathe with Austin. Charlie hates baths. My mom and sister and I took baths together up until I was at LEAST 8...I think we even did a few times when I was 12. 
We only stopped because we all got too big for sharing the bath!
When Austin is old enough to recognize that his body parts are different from mommy's...
then we'll stop doing that.

Over all.
I think people, adult people, are perverted.
How do you take something that is filled with innocence and turn it into a sex-charged thing?
Nothing about Austin or other children triggers sexual feelings, so why are you ruining moments with my child by adding your perverted two cents. 
True, no one has said anything to me personally, but I'm sure at some point it'll happen. 
Especially since I'm still breastfeeding and my kid knows where the food comes from.
The masses never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. 

I'm off my soapbox now. 


  1. Me and Babe kiss on the mouth! My mom has always kissed us on the mouth, until we got much older, my brother does it still and he's 17. It's not sexual at all, it's just how we do things. Babe and his Daddy kiss on the mouth, at first Chris thought it was weird but now he doesn't think that at all. He gets it!

  2. My daughter is 2 and a half and we kiss on the lips all the time. It kills me to think that people think it's bad and perverted. It is a love thing not a sexual thing.

    As for bathing, I also bathe and shower with my daughter. It's easier on my back and when she's old enough to do most of the bathing herself I will stop. For me it's convenience.

    I'm glad I didn't see this episode. I probably would have thrown something at the TV.

  3. I'm with you. I think its the adult people that make it perverted. If we look at it from the child's point of view - then its totally a love thing! :) I will continue to kiss and hug and snuggle with my kids as long as they'll let me - cuz I know the day will come when they might be too cool for it! :)

  4. I totally agree with this post. Why must some people feel the need to taint everything? They could be wasting their energy on things that really matter like finding a cure for cancer or something.

  5. I have a friend (no really, i do) who spends most of her home time nude. It's just the way that family rolls.

    Her teenage son has no issues with this and views his mother in a completely non-sexual way. He's learned to treat the body for what it is.

    People over sexualize the human form. It is gorgeous, it is sexy. But for family, it SHOULD be just what it is. A body.

    I shower with my kids. But you knew that. lol I have since their births. The boys are now growing out of it, but it's really not a big deal.
    Roan recognizes that body parts are different, but he shouldn't feel ashamed because we're different. Or because I'm naked, or because he's naked. Why should he feel that nudity is wrong? He knows that he has a penis, and recently he's figured out that I *don't* have a penis. So mommy has a "gina" as he calls it. lol

    When my husband and I first got married he wouldn't undress in front of me. Didn't much like showering in front of me, or peeing in front of me. He was incredibly modest, while I frankly am not. Over the years he's learned it's not a big deal to me and he's loosened up. His mom and dad have huge sticks up their asses, so it's no surprise that undressing for him was a big deal. To be seen naked was "dirty". (not every modest person has a stick up their butt... this is just his family's case.)

    I also kiss my kids on the mouth. Ya know, in other countries IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL, it's the cultural norm. But here in america, everything is a big deal and what's different - is wrong, unless it's a fad...

    Personally.. I don't watch the view. They're all idiots and just piss me off. But that's my (very obvious) opinion. lmao

  6. I feel the same way y'all. I love bathing with Austin. Not only is it easier, I get to make sure he doesn't slip and hurt himself and I get to relax too. lol. My mom always walked around naked and still does. When I was a kid, it bothered me sometimes, but now I see that I tend to do it too. Not that I'm a nudist, but sometimes I like to just sit around in my underwear or in a towel or just plain nude. lol Especially being pregnant, sometimes clothes are a nuisance.

    As Austin gets older, I'll make sure to cover up, but it won't be because being naked is wrong. And if I have a baby girl, they'll bathe together until they get older. I think there is a certain point in which boys shouldn't see girls bodies unless in an intimate way, but that's not for awhile.

    For now, I'm enjoying the innocence and love. And people who think otherwise can go away. lol

  7. i love the soapbox! by all means get on it!!! LOL

    I'm a new follower from the Christian Bloggy Mom's group. so glad to have found you

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  9. I am a very firm believer in doing what is comfortable for you.

    I walk around naked at home pretty often. My boys are 11 and 8. They really don't think anything of it. If and when they become uncomfortable with it, we will make some adjustments.

    All of my children, and there are five of them(including my stepson) kiss on the mouth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Those people making something sick and perverse out of something innocent and lovely are the same people teaching their children that being naked is disgusting.

    Um...hello? teaching your children to have body issues as a toddler? And they say I'm the one problems?

    Ha! My children are just fine thank you very much!


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