Cravings, Cravings, Cravings...

Another realization I've stumbled upon during this second pregnancy: cravings are REAL.

With Austin, I didn't crave very many foods but I did have a tendency to want comfort foods from my childhood. We ate a lot of fast food so I was all over McDonalds. lol This time, I'm actually having those intense cravings that I've always heard about. It's like I'll be sitting there and something comes over me. And it doesn't matter who has to go get it, what time it is, or how much it'll cost...I. HAVE. TO. HAVE IT.

But unlike "typical" cravings, mine have changed each week. Weird, right? For example:

Week 6: I wanted mushrooms. I ate a raw mushroom straight from the fridge. This is only significant because I usually don't like raw mushrooms. I like them sauteed with onions and garlic. And I inHALED the mushroom trio pizza from Kashi. Seriously. I practically salivated whenever I saw it in my freezer.

Week 7: KFC got a TON of business from me. I even called them when they were closing and begged them to stay open if I promised to come in right away. Yea...me likey the 3 piece wing combo with potato wedges and a few cobbettes. NOOOOM!

Week 8: I really want a sandwich and popcorn. Oh, and chocolate with whipped cream. I didn't get my sandwich, but I did nom on an entire bag of popcorn. And the hubs made brownies and I had *cough* two with whipped cream. OMDrool.

I wonder if they'll keep changing or if I'll find a nice medium somewhere in there.


  1. With my last pregnancy, before I knew I was pregnant I craved ham and pineapple pizza WITH Pringles Salt and Vinegar chips.. yeah ate that for 3 weeks straight. Mind you I had been to the OB GYN a month before and told I WAS NOT preggo and was on Birth control they just upped the dose.. About week 2 I said ya know what I have to be pregnant.. umm yeah 4 months along

  2. oh my gosh, kfc? yeah. i practically lived there for the last part of my pregnancy. that place is a pregnant mom's paradise!

    thank you so, so much for the encouraging comment you left me the other day. i loved the "you don't have to be perfect" quote and have been thinking about that a lot these past few days. actually, i have been thinking about your whole comment a bunch. now every time henry kisses me with that drooly mouth i'm soaking it in and dwelling on all the good that comes from such a simple moment.

    you are awesome and i cannot wait to read more of your blog. congratulations on baby and baby to be!


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