My Little Big Babe [in picture form]

Today I had a doctor's appointment to see my little sweet baby B. 
I was bored while I waited so I took some photos.

cool, portable ultrasound machine.
i tried to do an ultrasound of my finger but didn't yield any results.

cool overhead thingies.

"yayy!" super excited to see the babe.

uhm...what is THAT?! are they using that
lubed up device to see the baby? 
where are they putting it?!?! eek

"oh crap!"

my little bean. the doctor's already think SHE's a bit big.

[I figure if I keep saying she's a girl, she'll get the hint]

OH, and my new EDD is June 1, 2011

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  1. Nothing like seeing that first ultrasound when you can see the head, the fingers, legs and stuff. We almost have the same due date. I'm due June 2, but thinking this one will come early like Moo did.


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