I died a little today.

Last night before bed, I was facebook chatting [that's now a verb...I shake my head] with one of my good Army wife friends and she told me she needed to get to bed so she could go to the Aerobathon in the morning. I'd heard about it and was pretty interested, but worried that I couldn't hang being almost five months pregnant and all. But I told her I wanted to go. We made plans to carpool and I started hydrating and fueling my body with lime and chili almonds.

And, I fueled my soul with reese's pieces and sour s'ghetti worms. Because....well, um. I needed it okay. lol

After resetting my alarm several times, I finally dragged my butt out of bed, got dressed, ate some oatie-meal, packed some snacks and my water bottle and headed out to the gym.

side note: SCORE! We got free t-shirts since were one of the first 250 participants!! FAIL: we didn't receive our five minute massages like we were promised. But oh well...

**let me apologize in advance for the horrid face of mine you are about to witness. no makeup and winter makes me look as pale as a ghost. my gawd.**

This is our grainy cell phone pic pre-fitness. The aerobathon was 3 hours of aerobic/spin classes: 6 classes each at 25min intervals and a five minute break. They had refreshments and free childcare. It was basically trying to recruit more people to come to their classes. The schedule went something like this: 

1. Typical Aerobic class [i forgo what it was called]
2. Some kind of exercise with a weight bar [forgot that one too]
3. Zumba
4. Total Body Shock
5. Step Aerobics
6. Zumba

I did all but the total body shock class. At that point, my body was shocked enough and I honestly needed a refuel break for my body and my spirit. I was pretty tapped out after the first Zumba session and I really wanted to go home. But if any one of you saw my Tweets last night, I had something to prove to my husband [who said I couldn't do it.] Thankfully Leslie and Kristin were there to help motivate me! 

And ...shocker! I wasn't the only pregnant fool up in there working on my fitness!

This was how I felt after, but surprisingly...I managed to hobble my way out of there with a smile on my face!


**see what i mean about the face. ew.**
All in all. I survived the classes and I am in EXCRUCIATING PAIN. I even soaked in the tub with Austin tonight. Just sitting upright is a battle! Hopefully I'll be a little bit better tomorrow! Probably not though. Anyone have any remedies for sore muscles besides doing more work and hurting myself?


  1. Kudos to you. I'm not even sure if I would volunteered to go in the first place. My pregnancy has made me lazy. And although it's sad, I'm really enjoying a break from working out.

  2. I've had a long break from working out regularly and although I was only carrying around and extra 6lbs from Austin, I was too jiggly for my own comfort. So I'm trying to not let being a mom make me a jiggly fat mess. I have to work at staying in shape. lol

  3. Wow, you are impressive! I don't think I would have the guts to try this. I'm kind of lazy while I"m pregnant! Lol!

  4. Be careful not to overstress yourself girl! You're growing a baby (shocker! I bet you didn't know that already ;)


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