It's like a big ole' bathtub.

Yesterday was one of those "I-need-to-get-out-of-this-house" days. I was incredibly lazy, Austin was pretty restless, Dad was monopolizing the tv...we were just bored. So I had a GENIUS idea. Let's go SWIMMING!! Austin had never been before and he loves bathtime, so I figured he'd be at least mildly interested. So we suited up and headed over to the indoor pool.

In true Austin fashion, he stared at the giant bathtub [and the people in it]. Whenever anyone tried smiling at him and chatting him up, he. just. stared. o.O  my kid has a staring problem. The pool was supposedly "heated" at a nice and toasty 85 degrees. We thought that would be warm, but I had to factor in that our bath temperature is usually at 100 degrees...at least. This kid and I like hot hot water! He had some chattery teeth, but since he wasn't fussing, we opted to stay for a little while. 

We started him out with a life vest type thing and he pretty much hated it, immediately! So we took it off and just let him sit in our arms.

We'd brought a few of the balls and cups that he likes to play with in the bathtub and we also found a big red ball there. Playing pass with those made him smile and giggle.

We had a TOOON of fun, even if we were there for only about half an hour! I can't wait to go back! Plus, it helped my achy breaky muscles heal from the soreness.

Funny story though! It was obviously freezing when we left the pool so we wrapped him in a towel and headed towards the family changing area [which was even MORE cold] to dry him off and put him in a clean diaper and dry clothes. We were in such a hurry that we forgot one pant leg!! 

Meet Austin the Merman.

hehe. :)


  1. My kid had that same carseat thing. Babe has just in the past few weeks (at 17 months) gotten out of the staring thing. He started sometimes smiling but still occasionally staring at about a year but now he rarely does it. Unless people talk to him in that baby voice, man he hates that!

  2. LOL. Nothing like getting out of the house for a family adventure. For some reason, Moo doesn't really like pools. She loves splashing around in the bathtub though.


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