This Is How We Live

This is what we do here at our house. If I turned the camera, you'd see just how dirty our house is at the moment. Lately I've been feeling like I'm missing out on playing with Austin because I'm so preoccupied with cleaning and getting things done around here [when I'm not being super lazy]. So today, I opted to leave the house a mess and play with my babe. Oh the laughs, Oh the joy. It really doesn't get any better than this.

*sorry for the crappy quality. we're getting a new, BETTER computer soon*

and I know this is probably done more on Saturdays and whatnot, but since this is the only day this weekend where I'll probably get dressed...here's a "Steppin Out" Mommyhood style. This is Austin and I before we headed out to the doctor for my routine prenatal checkup! I got the idea from Mandy [and super cute Bennett] over at a sorta fairytale...check her out!

what i'm wearing:

top: forever21
jeans: heidi klum maternity line, motherhood maternity
flats: target

top: crazy 8
jeans: not sure, gift from grandparents
shoes: nordstrom rack, gift from pastor jim and his wife

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