Old Wives Tales and Such.

I've been going absolutely nutso over the gender of this baby since finding out I was pregnant. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was having a boy when pregnant with Austin. I just "knew". Call me crazy, but God spoke to me when I was younger [waaaay before considering kids] and clued me in that I'd have a boy first. I gave Him a nudge and asked if I could have a girl next, but that was only because I'd planned on having two and stopping. But now that I'm planning on three, I have two more chances to have my girl. And now I'm not so sure.

I've officially got eight days until the big gender reveal. And I'm sorry to report, I maaaaay not even post anything on here because I have to keep it a secret from my family for a month. I don't know. If you REEAAAAALLLLY want to know, I suppose I could shoot out a mass email or tweet it somehow. We'll see. In any case...

I've been guessing. My friends have been guessing. Everyone has their suspicions, so I decided to look into a few of these old wives tales and see what "the fates" have concluded my baby will be. I'm totally keeping in mind that whatever these things predict, they could be 100% right or 50% wrong. *shrugs* Let's see.

There's the Ancient Chinese Gender Predictor: according to it, I'm having a boy.

According to how I'm carrying the baby, I'm having a girl. Austin was wicked low.

According to cravings, boys make you crave sweet things and girls make you crave sour things. Last night I craved reese's pieces and sour s'ghetti worms. It's a draw.

If my husband gains weight, it's a girl. If not, it's a boy. Well my husband doesn't gain weight. His metabolism is crazy like that! So I'm having a boy.

Heart Rate: I'm having a girl.

The Wedding Ring Method: wehadababyitsaboy. Who remembers that commercial?

Either way, I'm excited to find out! 7 days and a wake up!!! Let's hope Baby B is feeling less stubborn and modest this time, right? Go vote in the sidebar!!

Did any of you have any other predictors during our pregnancy? Were they right or wrong?


  1. Babe was predicted to be a girl. All signs pointed to girl, every single one except the Chinese calendar. My family has always had girls first, going back as far as anyone can remember the girls come first. The oldest child (a girl) has a girl. I have a boy. He has broken every tradition and rule and wives tale lol. He also was made while I was on birth control and then took the morning after pill the day after. Kids determined!

  2. HAHA! I LOVE that. he was like, "gersh darnit mama! I'm COMING!" lol

  3. Personally, when I was pregnant with Moo, I couldn't have cared less what she was going to be. I was just too stressed worrying about all the medical issues I had going on. I just wanted a healthy baby period. But of course, my family were full of predictors and craziness. According to them Moo should have been a boy and they were so sure of it too.

    Never mind the fact that girls are dominate on both sides. They just knew she was a boy. LOL. Oh the surprise when he came out a girl! This time around they are back to saying it's a boy. We'll see how their luck fares this time around.

  4. I think there are some truth to those old wives tales, but .... you never know! Can't wait till you find out. I predict a girl :)
    How did I now know that you lived in WA! I'll see you at Bloggy Boot Camp!!


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