RIO Press Screening!!!

last weekend, the family [along with our good friends, the hudsons] loaded up and headed out to seattle to see a press screening of Rio thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing.

the movie is about a bird, Blu [voiced by Jesse Eisenberg], a macaw bird who'd been domesticated since he was captured and taken from his native Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. his owner, Linda [voiced by Leslie Mann ], found him shivering on the streets of Montana and had kept her promise to always look after him. at one point, they find out that Blu was one of the last two macaws left on the planet so they set out to Rio to *ahem* re-populate the species with Jewel [voiced by Anne Hathaway], the other macaw.

of course, what is a movie without some sort of twists and turns?!

Blu and Linda get separated and we get to see all the antics of Blu and the companions he meets along the way trying to get back to Linda and his comfortable lifestyle.

the movie also has awesome characters like Rafael [George Lopez], Luiz [Tracey Morgan], Pedro & Nico [Will.I.Am & Jamie Foxx] and the evil villian, Nigel [Jemaine Clement].

This film took like five years to make! FIVE. YEARS, friends. omgah. And they did a fantastic job. I seriously keep singing and dancing to the tunes of this movie over and over again. We saw it in 3D and surprisingly, Chub kept his glasses on for awhile. He definitely loved it and loves when I play the music from the movie. It's a total family movie, one that has something for everyone.

psst. you might even like Nigel's song about why he's not a pretty bird...lol [scroll down and you can listen it!!]

seriously, can't get enough of this song!!

["not cool man! scary, but not cool!" hahahahahah!]

This movie is HIGHLY recommended by the Mays family. Pretty sure we're going to go see it again!

DISCLAIMER: My opinion rocks. In exchange for my wicked thoughts, I was given free tickets to this press screening. I received no other compensation. My thoughts are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape, or form by Allied Integrated Marketing, Blue Sky Studios, or anyone else connected to the movie. Like I said, my opinion rocks.

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