can you believe it? my wittle kiddo isn't so wittle anymore!!

honestly, he's just so much fun. when i pictured myself having kids, i envisioned pregnancy and little babies. i didn't think too much about what i'd be like with toddlers. and my oh my- they are a handful. but it's a fun handful...a LOT more fun than the screaming-in-the-middle-of-the-night stage of mommyhood. yes, he still screams...but that's a whole different story. lol

he still doesn't really say actual words, but he gets his point across. and his comedic timing is near flawless!! he smiles and dances a lot. my favorite is when we're riding in the car and he's sleepy, but not yet  ready to doze off and he just starts singing and talking to himself. i need to get it on video- it's the cutest thing ever.

he eats non-stop. pretty sure i'll be eaten out of house and home when he gets older. i think he gets that from his dad. well, i have a big appetite too but a really slow metabolism. cheaaa anyway. the kid can eat. AND he pretty much likes everything. i've never seen him show an aversion to anything edible, unless he was already full or didn't want to eat at all. his favorite is to eat whatever YOU'RE eating. so we try to always eat well rounded things so he's getting proper nutrition.

chub, eating a chip. 
proper nutrition, my foot.

at his last checkup, a followup for his ear infection, he weighed in at a whopping 22lbs. i don't know percentiles or anything, but he's a far cry from the five lb-er that came forth fourteen months earlier!! and i don't know exactly how tall he is but he's just so tall and lean. at least to me. there are two year olds who look to be the same height as him. again, more things from his dad.

what did he get from me? his chunky thighs. score!

cool things my cool kid does: he puts his hand out and brings his fingers in when he wants more or up or whatever you have in your hand. it's cute. when you ask for a hug, he puts both of his arms out and walks towards you. when he thinks you're crying, he either laughs or comes and hugs you to make you feel better. he runs. he turns in circles. his newest dance move is to stomp his right foot. he likes to wear glasses and hats and will put them on and take them off. he knows how to play peek-a-boo which warms my heart every time we do it. he giggles like it's no tomorrow...and at the right time!

of course there is more...i'm just having mommy brain.

he forced me to share my water with him.

and of course, he got a dog. i'm sure you know the story about buddy. and omg he is so in love with him. he follows him around and crawls underneath the table to talk to him while he's in his bed. it's cute! sometimes buddy isn't in the mood and will growl or austin will throw things at him or pinch and hit him, but we're teaching austin about "being gentle". this is the PERFECT lesson with bella on the way. the kid doesn't know his own strength....either that or he really does enjoy inflicting pain. he gets a kick out of throwing things at people so you never know...... lol

part of me says "aw".
the other says "ew".

i pretty much have the coolest kid ever. at least i think so. he's a lot of fun and i can't wait to see him grow and change and develop even more into this person with his own personality. he makes mommyhood far too much fun!!

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