thirty three weeks and still baking...

does she look lower to you?

How far along: thirty-two weeks and five days [we're taking it day by day here!]
Total weight gain: from starting weight, +10.6lbs
Maternity clothes: all maternity..but i've managed to get away with just larger shirts.
Stretch Marks: i'm surprised i don't have any new ones..honestly i'm being stretched to the limit here!
Sleep: nearly impossible to get comfortable, but i eventually pass out from exhaustion.
Best moment this week: seeing bella on the u/s
Worst moment this week: um, bedrest.
Movement: she's still moving and shaking in there...and i feel like she might've dropped, but idk.
Cravings: caesar salad, pepsi/dr pepper, chicken, steak, potato chips...really random things.
Baby's size in food terms: HONEYDEW!
Belly Button: total outtie. and it's really freaky looking. lol
Gender: a sweet little girl!
What I miss: having my body and freedom to move around back
What I am looking forward to: holding my baby girl
Labor Signs: well, i went into labor last week. and i think it started up again last night. abdominal cramping, back aches, contractions...i'm dilated to 4cm, 75% effaced, and at minus 2 station so....we'll see.
Weekly Wisdom: there's not much else we can do to stop it, so we'll just take it as it comes.

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  1. Aahhh you're at 4cm now?! How crazy. At least she's slowing a little. Hopefully she will stay in just a little longer, but you're getting closer to 37 weeks as is so not bad!! She does look super low now!

  2. wow your belly is so cute!! :) Congrats on having a girl! I wont know what mine will be until next month, cannot wait to find out!

  3. Only 10 pounds?! I wish I'd been that lucky :) You look great - hope the final weeks go quickly for you! I'm your newest follower.

  4. She is certainly getting lower. However, we're still praying that she keeps baking until her due date. Hope that you have been taking it easy.

  5. Oh yeah!!!! She's definitely getting into position to make her appearance into this world!


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