Steppin Out...last saturday. eep!

obviously i'm not "steppin out" anywhere for awhile...pending bella's arrival. but last week, we went to a press screening for the movie, Rio. and i'm getting a review of that up as soon as possible!  but- we managed to snap a few pictures for SOS and now is a great time to get those up!

obviously, my kid hates me. lol

what i wore:
shirt: target
tank top: old navy
jeans: motherhood
sneaks: target

what the hubs wore:
shirt: F21
jeans: target
shoes: PX

what the chubs wore:
shirt: hand-me-down
jeans: h&m
shoes: gifted

interesting story about that shirt i was wearing...i bought it the day before. it fit. i tried to wear it on thursday...it was too small! 

Pregnant Fashion- FAIL. LOL

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