thank you, body & little miss bella.

it's 10:50pm here and i think it's safe to say this:

thank you bella (and ute') for not having bella on this day.

not that there's anything wrong with this day...it's just four-twenty. the day that everyone finds it amusing to smoke pot. not that i have a real problem with pot....okay, i'm lying. i think it's just ridiculous and i would not like my daughter to be born on this day.

why so uptight kiranda, you wonder?

ugh. where do i begin?! for one- she'll never live it down. her birth date would never be just about her. it would be about a bunch of lazy douchenozzles who like to further perpetuate their laziness by smoking a plant that affects their mood and state of being. and secondly- i'm just so anti-marijuana that it would totally be a slap in the face. like my ute' would forever mock me. and third- i just don't want it. okay. *stamps foot*

i'm just not into it and i don't think there's anything wrong with thinking that.

now, don't get me wrong- i believe if we made it legal and sold it out of government run shops we'd totally abolish any and all of the national deficit. because really, people are still buying the crap. and i'm one of those "do what you want as long as i'm not forced to do it too" people. but still...it's a stupid drug and i've lost many a friend to it's ridiculousness. no, they're not dead. but they're deadbeats. it's just dumb.

so. all of this is a long- winded way of saying thank you to my uterus and to my bella.

now watch...if i go into labor in the next 60 minutes. i'm gonna be pissed. 

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  1. Wow, really??

    I finally found someone who agrees with me! haha. Thank you for this! It made my day. :)

    I also think *most* people who smoke pot are total losers.

  2. I am very anti-weed myself. I don't condone the usage of any illegal drugs. I just think that it says a lot about a person's character when they feel the need to get high or plain out drunk. I don't hang out with those kinds of people nor do I allow them around my children.

    Glad Bella wasn't born on 4/20 either!!


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