ten things about my grandmother.

my grandmother is currently in surgery to remove a blod clot from her brain. as with any surgery, there are risks involved. this surgery is incredibly risky and there's a chance she may not even pull through. i've been praying and crying and trying to not break down since the news. today's listicle is all about her.

10. when my sister and i were little, we always went to the park with my grandma for picnics. my favorite was when she'd push us on the swings and help us go down the slide.

9. my grandma makes the most amazing mac and cheese. it's a secret family recipe...and she passed it onto me. :D

8. another "when we were little story"- she used to get out of the shower and do this dance for my sister and i...to make us laugh. yes, she was naked. and she would shake...it was hilarious and still makes me laugh out loud when i think about it.

7. my grandma literally cries over everything. good, bad, happy, sad...she cries. lol

6. her faith in God is beyond amazing.

5. one time, she pulled a gun out on a bunch of us. we were having a water balloon fight and she told us not to get any water in the house. someone threw a balloon at the front door and she ran inside and grabbed her fun. talk about scary.

4. for christmas every year, we do a 12 days a christmas for her. she has 7 kids and a million grandchildren and great grandchildren she gets a lot of presents. it's fun.

3. for as long as i remember, she's always had her nails done. and usually in some shade of red..her favorite color.

2. the last time i sang for my grandmother, she gave me a compliment and told me i really could sing well. that was the best compliment i've ever received.

1. she loves my kiddos and loves being around them. and i love seeing them with her. she's so great.

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