Let's Get Real: that one time, i lost my sexy.

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i consider myself to be a pretty confident person. despite having two pregnancies and about ten to fifteen pounds of mommy chub, i feel that i look great. the chub is distributed quite well, if i do say so myself. lol i love my curves and feel that i can dress myself in the "latest" without looking like a busted can of biscuits. (because that's not cute). and though i have down days and stuff, i usually can bounce right back.

but then, there was that one time i stopped breastfeeding and my boobs
flatted out like pancakes. or belgian waffles. or whatever flat thing you want to think of. because that's what they were. FLAT. and deflated. :(

i went from feeling super sexy and curvy...getting my swag back after dropping ten pounds. to feeling like an unattractive "mom". <-----not that i think moms are unsexy, i'm just saying i felt very frumpy-style mom. and if there's one thing that irks my almost-twenty-five year old sense of confidence, is feeling frumpy and ugly. i just canNOT handle it. call me crazy, selfish, insecure and overdramatic, but it's the truth and i'm owning it.
when i was breastfeeding, my bra size was 32G. G, friends! G!!!! if i thought i had curves before kids, i was curvalicious and dangerous after kids. and going from that to some unknown brasize, deflated breasts and all, really did a number on my confidence. since i knew my old bras didn't fit anymore, i had to go shopping to find my new size.

 i went shopping with my mom at ross while we were in vancouver last weekend and tried on a few new bras. (side note: i left the house wearing pajamas and a sweatshirt and COMPLETELY forgot that i wasn't wearing a bra. 32G Kiranda wouldn't have done that. lol) i didn't know my new size, so i just grabbed a few that looked about right. and after some trial and error, we discovered i'm right back to where i was prior to the kiddos.

what?! say what?!

yes, i went right back down to a 34DD.

so no. i didn't lose any of my "size". i lost some volume, that's for sure. but there's something about a good bra making your clothes look good again that makes the volume loss virtually a non-issue. of course, i need to get professionally resized, but i'm happy i can finally shop at victoria secret again. lol and yes, sexy has TOTALLY made a comeback in my life. i ended up learning a lot about who i am and how my body affects my confidence. my ability to look like "i don't have kids" is a big factor on how sexy i feel. and maybe that's not okay, but i accept it as my reality and i'm not hiding from it.

my name's kiranda. i brought sexyback and she's hear to stay....dammit.

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  1. I can COMPLETELY relate! While I didn't go back to my pre-pregnancy bra size, I certainly have flat boobs now! lol!


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