despite only getting one point five hours of sleep last night, i'm feeling oddly energized this morning.  i had a FANTASTICAL weekend with my littles over in spokane, even amongst a lot of hiccups and insensitive comments. tell me,...why are people such jerks? and why are the biggest jerks in my family? *sigh*

i'm back at work today and really excited to see my regulars. i'm  one of those weirdos who actually misses my customers when i'm not at work! lol and omg...i have to talk about my projected business plan for my eventual coffee shop. i've been going over it in my mind a lot more lately and i think i need to get it all out on {internet} paper.

tonight i'll draft up posts about mother's day weekend and our visit  to the coast and the last couple weekends with the kids. there's a TON of pictures. you. just. wait. lol.

life, on the whole, is grand. and it feels so good to know that i'll be able to breathe again shortly.

pee dot ess: MANY, MANY thanks to the faithful readers out there. it feels good to know you've stuck around while i've been failing at blogging. lol


  1. Sorry about the negativity. Keep your head up, Mama. I've been where you are.

  2. cute hair and shades!

  3. A coffee shop huh? Sounds like a great business idea because coffee shops certainly do not seem to have been affected by the economy. I know people who struggle to pay their rent but never miss a morning of getting their Starbucks! Can't wait to hear all about it.


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