on being a mommy

when i was younger, people asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up. at first it was a marine biologist because of my intense love of The Little Mermaid and dolphins. then, as i discovered self-expression through music, it turned into being the next britney spears or  christina aguilera. as my love of music grew and changed, i  became more enthralled with the idea of teaching, but felt i lacked the patience to be a teacher.

but now, more than ever, i am simply content to be exactly what i am. a mommy.

i love snuggles. and soothing hurt feelings. rubbing numbing gel on sore gums and kicking the ball around the yard. i love naptime and potty learning. i love making simple, yet nutritious and creative meals. i love crawling and wrestling and practicing new words. when i say "show me your elbow" and you say "bow" and raise your bent arm or when i gently nudge you to say "bye bye" and wave and you do without hesitation...those are my  greatest achievements. those are the bonuses. and i get them year-round, not just at the years end.

i woke up yesterday and felt so full of love, i could cry. i had both of my babies in my arms snuggling tight. i smelled their sweet skin and kissed their soft foreheads. when they woke up we took few pictures,  they whined simply because they were awake, and we played with the ipad and i sang made-up songs using their names. and i was so so so content.

i love being a mommy. and yes, i'd love to do other things. i was created for so much more than bearing and raising children, but for now this is the best job in the world!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only momma who gets over emotional about her babies sometimes! I definitely have those moments where I just think, "I am SO blessed!!" :)


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