that's months.
that's 2.5 years.

that's how old this kid is.
*insert panic attack*
when did he get this big?

i know i say this a lot, but i swear i  was just in the delivery room grunting, groaning and moaning through contractions for two hours and then pushing him out.
i SWEAR that just happened.
i still have it on video. lol

people say that twos are terrible. and don't get me wrong, there have been some moments.
but this kid is so sweet, so loving, so carefree, so unafraid, so bold, so friendly, so convicted...
it can't be terrible.
he has his own opinions and freely shares them.
he loves his sister so so much.
the way he says, "hi mommy!" or "hi daddy!" when we walk through the door? i just die.
he gives hugs and kisses  like they're going out of style.
he's OBSESSED with cars and dancing.
his two favorite cartoons are Chuck the Truck and Yo Gabba Gabba.
he prefers milk&juice to any and all food-
{we have to resort to singing YGG songs to get him to eat}
as i predicted, he didn't start talking until well into being a two year old,
but once he started---he's not  stopping!
he repeats just about everything and can recall things from memory after only a few repetitive times.
he still can't say his name {he calls himself AWW-ING},
 but can clearly say mommy, daddy/charles, bella 
and can correctly identify members of his extended family.
he loves fruit and crackers and anything gummy.
i'm CERTAIN he'll be an architect or an engineer, he has this weird obsession with lining things up and stacking things...typically he'll use several of his cars to do so.
he can operate the ipad, dishwasher, oven, tv, netflix and iphone with VERY minimal help from us.
and he loveloveloves to climb and wrestle.
oh and despite not being able to really, he likes to pull out a book from his section of the bookshelf,
sit down in his chair,
and read.



i just love him.

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  1. he is so handsome! it's amazing how quickly they can learn things at this age. elijah surprises me every day with something new.


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