that's how many months this little has reached.

and the similarities between a sixteen year old teenager and
my sixteen month old daughter are  hilarious.

she's a diva.
the world is against her when she doesn't get her way.
and she's got daddy wrapped around her finger...for. sure. 

she's got a nice mouthful of teeth. 
she just had four teeth bursting through at once and while it was hell, she managed ok.
she loves to eat. lots and lots of food.
she's a dancing queen. ANYTIME music comes on, she starts shaking her booty.
she loves to sit in her recliner and read.
she is ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with her big brother,
even when she enjoys smacking him and kicking him. lol
she doesn't speak very clearly, but she can say 
dada {daddy}, peez {please}, dankoo {thank you},
da peez {more please}, nooooo {no},  DOT! {stop}
she's hilarious.

she likes to run around and scream just to get a reaction from you.
her giggle is straight up infectious.
her dimples are the cutest!
when she meets someone for the first time, she cowers and hides her face in your shoulder
then when she warms up to them she runs around, smiling her big grin,
 forcing everyone to love her.
she LOVES to play hide and seek. 
if you say, "where'd bella go?" she'll hide her face. then she'll open her hands and scream, 
"da da!" { translation: there she is!}

on the rare occasion she'll snuggle with you, she's the absolute best.
i still love to kiss her on her neck and she loves it.
she can be quite fierce and mean. 
i'm talking hitting, pinching, biting and the hard yank with a fistful of your hair.
and she HATES being told no or not getting her way.
but she's usually pretty quick to get over it.
and she loves to copy exactly what her big brother does.
he really is her favorite person in the whole world.

my dear bellz...i love you as a toddler!

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